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    About us 關于我們

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      ABOUT US
    FZ Clean Tech is a technical innovation enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales of air filtration products. And we have gained numbers of invention patents.
    FZ Clean Tech is specialized in R&D of air filtration products, and has the mission as “Improve and optimize the environment of China, focus on breathing health”. Our products involving five series: Air Purification Material, Air Cleaner Filtration System Filter, Ventilation System Filtration Filter, Automobile Car Air Conditioner Filter and Project Filtration System Filter.
    After years of technology and management accumulation, FZ-Tech established a high educated and passionate young team. We successfully put into production to realize gas, solid and micro comprehensive treatment in Wuxi Sci-tech Business Incubation Park in 2017. Our company owns advanced filter production lines and test center. FZ-Tech has  capacity of research and development, new product design and process control.